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The Medellín city museum is also located on the property. It is filled with historic black and white photographs as well as a 3DD scale model relief map of the city. For less than $1.00 entrance fee you can learn about the history of Medellín’s construction. Graffiti in Medellín is so much more than random “tagging” in public spaces.

The smell of meat empanadas and roasting chicken mixed with fresh mountain breezes blowing through this once disaffected, disconnected poverty-stricken sprawl. On the way back down, a man returning from a visit to friends said the journey to the barrio had been reduced from an hour or more on foot to 10 minutes by cable car.

The green represents hope, abundance, freedom and faith. Planetarium of Medellín is located in front of the Parque de Los Deseos. The space includes telescopes and a projection room for 300 people, a dome 17.5 meters in diameter, and permanent exhibitions for all ages on Earth and space. Its services include an auditorium, library and a permanent exhibition on space history. Casa Museo Gardeliana disseminates the culture and history of the tango.

Sadly little over a year ago we split up, but kept in contact. Well she got pregnate and her baby daddy got killed in accident. We still friends though and we gonna hang out a bit this weekend.

  • While it isn’t necessary to completely blend in with the crowd, try not to be an obvious tourist.
  • Other foods that are typical in the region stem from Colombian food industries, such as Postobón Colombian sodas, the regional aguardiente known as Aguardiente Antioqueño, and Jet chocolate bars.
  • There is no need to buy bottled water or worry about the ice in your drink or eating salads or fruit that has been washed in tap water.
  • This eclectic star is another Colombian babe that has brought Latino music and Reggaeton to the mainstream audience in the most beautiful way.

Hi Cheryl, I feel like Marcello’s article is very respectful of women, and the language he used is as PG as you’re going to find on this subject. My initial impressions in Colombia were very similar to what was written on the blog, but I find in general click to read if one knows how to read people and form friendships over the long run then all is good…. Generally, I find Paisas to be quite charming people… I just avoid groups of women with men and groups in general and/or I go out by myself most of the time.

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Conversely, the pandemic also affects institutions – it may challenge or strengthen social norms, break down or exacerbate existing patterns of inequality, and destabilise or perhaps reinforce the balance of political power. Taking an institutional perspective, therefore, allows us to simultaneously consider the multiple ways in which covid-19 is affecting developing countries, and to look beyond the immediate impacts of the virus to the deeper and more long-term implications. In this collection of essays, EDI researchers explore these themes, applying a range of research methods to better understand the institutional impact of covid-19.

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Like much of the region, Medellín is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes and architecture, yet despite its many charms, it seems that some tourists are more interested in the darker side of its history. Margarita Hincapié is Professor at the University of Medellin , with main contribution to the Doctorate in Engineering and to the Environmental Engineering programs. Her research focuses on the application of advanced oxidation technologies for the chemical and microbiological decontamination of water, including solar water treatment using photocatalysis and photo-Fenton. Margarita has been involved in research projects to improve the water quality of the Colombian local communities.

The Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistical test was applied to determine whether the age of the deaths from this cause was normally distributed or not, since this variable did not follow this distribution, nonparametric analysis was applied to describe or compare. However, despite so many successes, Medellín is still struggling with crime and violence. In 2018, the city’s murder rate rose for the first time after years of decline with 626 murders, an increase of almost 10% from the previous year. The national newspaper El Tiempo called 2018 a bloody year for Medellín, one local government official stating that such violence hadn’t been seen in the city since 2008. Most of the violence that year occurred in Comuna 7 and Comuna 13 between local gangs who control the majority of the city’s drug trafficking. It is not only Escobar’s legacy that Medellín is fighting against but also our national demand for drugs, with Britain estimated to have a cocaine market worth around five billion pounds.

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Get ready to be asked about your other female girlfriends or where you were last night, or why did you come home so late. If you’re used to laid-back women, Colombian women are not like that.

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My current around the world trip has led me to the booming city of Medellin, Colombia. Fortunately, Medellin has more than cleaned up and has rapidly developed into one of the most vibrant, efficient and cleanest cities in all of Colombia and maybe even Latin America. What would pass for light hearted banter in the UK, might well make a Colombian question his own masculinity. We invite you to call us or otherwise contact us anytime! Our contact information is at the bottom of nearly every page.

If you love finding a bargain, then you must check out El Hueco in the El Centro part of the city. Take the Metro to the San Antonio stop and walk through the area which is spread out over several blocks. Thousands of shops, from tiny one-person stalls to larger stores, are selling everything you can possibly imagine. With daytime highs in the low to mid 80’s F, and evening temperatures in the mid 60´s F, there is never a need to wear anything heavier than a light jacket, regardless of the month on the calendar.

For breakfast, it is common to accompany the food with hot chocolate and possibly a slice of cheese to dunk in the drink. Parva is a traditional component of the Antioquian gastronomy as well. This name is given to a wide variety of sweet and savory baked goods, including pan de queso, pan de bono, buñuelos, and pastries. Bandeja paisa is the representative food of Medellín and Antioquia. House Museum Master Pedro Nel Gómez was the home of the master Pedro Nel Gómez; it became a museum in 1975 with the donation by the artist and his family of the works in it. It has 1500 works, 200 square meters of fresco painting and an art library with over 500 volumes. Museum El Castillo, built in 1930 in medieval Gothic and open to the public in 1971, has French-style gardens, explosions room, library and concert hall for 250 people.