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New Jamdani Saree Online

Dhakai Jamdani Saree: the pride of Bangladesh   Introduction: You may not find anyone who does not like Jamdani saree. Dhakai Jamdani saree is born in Bangladesh but it is also popular in all Bengali women. But do you know how it was born and get the name of Jamdani saree or what is its […]

New design Salwar kameez

new design salwar kameez,Deshi salwar kameez

New design Salwar kameez Long or short in the current fashion, the application of salwar kameez in Bangladesh of the girls will never become less. Deshi salwar kameez is the favorite clothing of all the girls in any festival. They chose Salwar-Kameez as a hassle-free dress. Continuously there are different innovative idea used in cutting […]

Gaye Holud Program Saree and Panjabi


Our local tant saree, red, yellow, pink and half silk saree, is the best special saree for gaye holud program for everyone wearing together. We can provide same design and same color Gaye Holud Saree as well as different design and different color Gaye Holud Saree for Gaye Holud Program according to your color and […]