New design Salwar kameez

new design salwar kameez,Deshi salwar kameez

New design Salwar kameez
Long or short in the current fashion, the application of salwar kameez in Bangladesh of the girls will never become less. Deshi salwar kameez is the favorite clothing of all the girls in any festival. They chose Salwar-Kameez as a hassle-free dress. Continuously there are different innovative idea used in cutting and the pattern of this dress.
Fashion trend changes with switching time. Approximately five years ago, young girls were crazy about the fashion of short Kameez. This fashion trend has changed again. Now half-silk tant salwar kameez, salwar kameez Pakistani, cotton salwar kameez, tater salwar kameez and long Kamiz has grabbed the space with short Kameez of the match. Visiting various boutique houses has found its authenticity.
Present Salwar kameez fashion with long Kameez.


There is much variety comes in the fashion of Bengali women and young women in the span of time. The country’s fashion houses are always busy preparing for new designs, bold colors and comfortable costumes. Now the innovation in the fashion trend of the latest fashion came in Kameez, Long Kameez, Semi Long Kameez and anarkali gown. Singles Kameez has occupied the place quite well in the list of fashionable women. Those who have to go out for various types of work, they also have a little more demand for Single Kameez. These Kameez are made by a little loose fitting and comfortable. So the demand for single Kameez is increasing day by day. But long pattern Kameez is still going on.
Kameezs are being made longer by maintaining the current fashion trend. These are also long-sleeved and also found in sleeveless. In the case of single Kameez, teenager and young women look perfect with three quarter and sleeveless Long Kameez. Kurti styles long single Kameez, hater kajer jama and batik dress fits with the present period. In the fashion house, there is a change in the cutting pattern of Kurtis and Kameezs in keeping with the change of fashion. Almost everything has been shown in different ways including salwar kameez neck design, cutting, collar, lay-out, printing, block, boutique, batique, lace, and embroidery. Medium cutting Kameezs are now running with cuttings of long cutting.

new design salwar kameez
new design salwar kameez
Popular fabric and design of Salwar kameez
Young people are easily adapted to this new trend of fashion as well as traditional clothes. These clothes are being made jointly with desire and ability. And the tangail tat dress, cotton Tant salwar kameez Voel, Linen, Dhupian, Dubi fabric is keeping consideration of fabric. Designer sleeveless Kameez and Kurti style long Kameez are made of light-colored cotton, linen, khadi and loom cloths. The designer of K-Craft Mr. Shadhin Khan said the demand for Long and Semi Long Kameez is still in progress. Especially it is popular among the young women. Because these kameezes are easy to wear as well as in clover also. Again it is worn with salwar, pants or palazzo as per your wish. Skinny prints and foil prints on trendy Kameez are seen more. Their value additions are seen in embroidery, handwork, and karchupi.
The boutique houses like Deshidos, Rong, Oronno, Matra, Jatree, Arong, Nipun, Probortona, Sadakalo, Banglar Mela, K-Kraft, Anjan’s, Deshal, Bibiyana, Oji, Rang, Nagarodola, Megh, Nitto, Upohar are selling Kameez, made of native clothes more in girls’ clothing. Along with various crafts in kameez’s body, sleeveless, three-quarters, full sleeves, and Maggie sleeve have also been introduced. The dazzling design combines with the new design Salwar-Kameez, with smart elegant looks. Kameez has been set up in the karchupi, filled appliqué, and katha stitch yoke.
Price of Salwar kameez at the different fashion house
Deshi Salwar kameez of various colors, design, fabrics in Arong will cost from 2900 taka to 25 thousand taka, start from 1800 to 8 thousand taka in Kraft, at Shada-Kalo three-piece price ranges from 1600 to 5000 taka. The price of the three-piece at Nagradola will be Tk 1,800 to Tk 5,300. The three-piece from 1500 to 4,500 taka in the Banglar Mela, 3 piece price of Nipun is from 16 hundred to 4 thousand, the cost of salwar kamees in Bibiyana will be Tk 1,800 to 36 thousand, Anjanas cost of three pieces start from one and a half thousands to 8 thousand and 900 taka, the three pieces of the Deshal price ranges start from 1400 to Tk 2,500. The Salwar kameez’s price range in Rong starts from 1600 to 3,500 taka.
Where will you get good quality Salwar kameez
You can buy designer salwar kameez in Dhaka from different fashion houses. New Market, Gaushia, can go to buy all kinds of Salwar kameez. You will be able to buy Salwar kameez by negotiating according to your choice from these markets. Besides this, if you want to buy tant cotton dress, stylish and gorgeous Salwar kameez of attractive design, you can depend on the country’s largest online shopping place Ajker Deal. In Ajker Deal, there is the big collection of Bangladeshi salwar kameez design.
Buy your favorite salwar kameez from Tangile Sari
Salwar kameez is a very favorite dress for every Bengali woman. Tangail sari, therefore, has made a huge collection of salwar kameez for the Bengali girl’s salwar kameez Online Store. The price of salwar kameez in Bangladesh is now the most in reasonable at here. Tangail sari Online Shop has been becoming popular with Bangladeshi online buyers in a big way.
A salwar kameez will be visually appealing only when it will be the best design. Tangail sari ( is full with the best salwar kameez, which will enhance your beauty a lot, and you will be personalized. Silk, Georgette, Cotton – you can find among the numerous salwar kameez made from all types of ingredients. The best salwar kameez of different designs of 2018 will give you unlimited feeling.
Apart from Tangail sari, these attractive saris of silk, tat, jargate and katan fabric will make you look great. Choose from Tangail sari’s huge salwar kamees collection and order them online and accept your product at home. With the fast home delivery process of Tangail sari, buyers can buy salwar kameez online from anywhere in Bangladesh including Dhaka, Chittagong.

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